EH-RTC August 10, 2015

East Hudson Regional Trails Council
Mon, 08/10/2015 (All day)
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Presentation of RTC and Policy Council
  • The election of an RTC chair to serve through the end of 2016
  • Discussion of annual planning process
  • Brief updates/reports from each local trail committee
  • Review/approval of new trails and major relocations
  • Discussion of problems, projects and opportunities for regional collaboration
  • Adjournment

Chris Connolly, Geof Connor, Jane Daniels, Walt Daniels, Salley Decker, Leigh Draper, Mary Dodds, Gary Haugland, Jim Haggett, Josh Howard, John Leigh, David Margulis, Tim Messerich, Hank Osborn, Ron Rosen, Andrew Seirup, Fred Stern, Raina Stoutenburg, Christina Taylor, Bob Ward

Status of Minutes: 

Josh Howard welcomed everyone to the meeting and had everyone introduce themselves. He then presented an overview of what this change to the Trail Conference was about and what the expectations were. 

Jane Daniels was nominated who agreed if she had an assistant chair. She was elected and Dave Margulis volunteered to assist her providing he could work remotely. She was elected as EH RTC Chair through the end of 2016. 

The next meeting is set for Monday October 19th (the third Monday of the month) and will start at 6:15. Attendees are encouraged to arrive at 6 pm to network.

Decisions and follow up

  1. Teatown was an acceptable place to meet. Leigh Draper will reserve the room and take care of the food logistics for the October Meeting. 
  2. Fred Stern agreed to look into different options for communicating new trail updates and approvals.  Walt Daniels and Gary Haugland will also contribute towards this effort.  Ron Rosen suggested we look at the MARTC Model where the chair can approve of changes without having to send the item to the entire group for approval. 
  3. Jane Daniels discussed the need for an ideal form of electronic communication.  Walt Daniels suggested Google Groups as a possible solution as it has worked well for other East Hudson groups. 
  4. Jane asked that minutes go out as soon after the meeting as possible to attendees for review. Gary Haugland offered to take the minutes at the October meeting.

Information exchange

  • Leigh Draper offered a closing kiosk cabinet for anyone who might find one useful as Teatown has one that is not being used. 
  • Jane introduced the “What’s Nearby” maps project—small maps that highlight what resources are nearby the trails 
  • Christina Taylor announced the successful award of $12 million to Van Cortlandt Park for the building of bridge over the highway.
  • Jim Haggett detailed the rescue of a man in a make-shift tent along the Appalachian Trail and the subsequent involvement of emergency medical workers.
  • Geoff Connor commented that this year’s volunteer t-shirts are excellent because the text is on the front and readable while wearing a backpack. John Leigh said another t-shirt design contest would be held in the fall.