EH-RTC February 8, 2016

East Hudson Regional Trails Council
Mon, 02/08/2016 (All day)


Approval of minutes of last meeting

Additions to agenda

Trail Updates and Approvals

2015 Reports

Looking ahead


Marilyn Blaho, Jane Daniels, Walt Daniels, Leigh Draper, Claudia Farb, Jim Haggett, Gary Haugland, John Magerlein, Dave Margulis, Hank Osborn, Amber Ray, Ron Rosen, Connie Stern, Fred Stern, Raina Stoutenberg, Georgette Weir

Status of Minutes: 

Jane Daniels opened the meeting at 7:30.

Gary Haugland moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved, John Magerlein seconded. All approved, There were no additions to the agenda.


The trail update and approval process has not be finalized. Jane reminded people that any trail changes need to be made at the April meeting.


In 2015, LTCs in the EH RTC

  • Added 3 partners: Mills Norrie SP, Muscoot Farm, and Taxter Ridge Park Preserve

  • Hosted 31 workshops: Blazing, Chain Saw Certification, Corridor Monitoring, Invasive Identification and Advanced Invasive Identification, Leave No Trace, Map and Compass, Sidehill Construction, Stepping stones, Trail Layout and Design. Trail Maintenance, and Wilderness First Aid

  • Attended Outreach Events: Eagle Fest, White Plains, Hastings, Dobbs Ferry,  Clearwater, Yorktown, & Pawling. Leigh Draper mentioned Westtss had a table at the NTD event at teatown

Walt Daniels, Dutchess Putnam AT Putnam County Supervisor reported about the Mitzvah Project  in Fahnestock State Park. Five people removed garlic mustard and 40 feet of barberry. They worked a combined 20 hours.

Jim Haggett filling in for Donna Chapman - Supervisor for Dutchess North AT reported about the Harlem Valley AT Community which was established to have the community involved with the AT.


Hank Osborn  reported for the Americorps - Taconic Crew in Fahnestock State Park 100 people with 27 repeats worked  doing 4,800 hours built  2151 ft of new trail, 58 stone stairs and  32 stepping stones.


Gary Haugland (Highlands Trail East of Hudson, LTC) explained the Jolly Rovers helped build a section of the HIghlands Trail between Hudson Highlands State Park  and Fahnestock State Park.


Several reports were made by supervisors in the Westchester LTC.

Fred Stern (Westchester LTC) filling in for Mary Dodds, Cortlandt-Teatown Supervisor and head of the Westchester Trail Tramps Crew explained about the Fisher Project that Teatown Lake Reservation was doing. They wanted to determine if and where fishers (member of the weasel family) were in 

Jane Daniels (Supervisor of trails in Yorktown). Thanks to a senior at Yorktown HIgh School as her civic internship project, there are sketch maps titled What’s Nearby which inform visitors of where to find services. These maps are in town park kiosks.


Westts made rebuilt two bridges and built water bars at Westmoreland Sanctuary

Fred Stern filling in for Rose Bonanno, Supervisor for Lewisboro and Westchester co-chair said they held five  Intro to Trail Maintenance classes at John Jay High School and hosted Civic Internships for four seniors. Leigh Draper mentioned a video that was done. She will track down where it is so that it can be shared. The seniors work on project at Leon Levy Preserve and helped at Teatown during their 6 week Intern Project


Westchester LTC at their 2015 Partners Breakfast, said thank you to all partners, provided networking opportunities and presented an award to Brenda Bates, park manager of Mountain Lakes Reservation.


Looking ahead for 2016 and 2017

Jim Haggettt (Dutchess Putnam AT Management Committee) informed the group about the proposed National Wildlife Refuge in Dutchess County.  US Fish & Wildlife Service had a land protection plan which includes parts of Dover, NY. The aim of the NWFs to protect species of concern some of which found near the AT 3.5 mi south. It would be good if the refuge extended south to AT to help with current conservation efforts


Gary Haugland spoke about the proposed route of the Highlands Trail in Nimham Mountain State Forest Multiple Use Area which would ascending to Cranberry Mt in South Hollow Preserve.


Amber Ray, Communications manager informed the group about making use of Trail Conference communication tools such as

The meeting ended on a light note with photos of a bridge in Laos taken by Rose Bonnano. Places we are considering using this design, included FDR State Park, Kitchawan Preserve, and Hunt Parker Preserve. With the open decking, snow removal would not be a problem, but beavers might find the supports to their liking. Design rejected.

Jane asked anyone had other comments and thanked for all the work that you do on trails

Webinar meeting adjourned at 8:45