January - Monthly Publications Committee Meeting

Thu, 01/21/2010 -
18:30 to 21:00


January 21, 2010


1. Minutes of December meeting


2. Important discussion items:


a. Making publications available online (Ed Goodell)

b. Downloadable map .pdfs (Ed Goodell)

c. Harriman-Bear Mountain brochure/map (Ed Goodell)

d. Sponsorship of "Central Jersey" and Catskill maps (Ed Goodell)

e. Marketing of new publications (post cards, launch events) (Jane Daniels)

f. Adding stickers to covers of maps and books (Jane Daniels)

g. Brochures (Ed Goodell)

h. Change in accounting methods for publications (Daniel Chazin)

i. Publications materials for new member packets (Jeremy Apgar)

j. Trail data for iPhone application (Jeremy Apgar)

k South Mountain Conservancy trail map (Jeremy Apgar)

l. Proposed $2 surcharge on sales of publications

m. Distribution by Trail Conference of East Coast Greenway map

n. Registration of publications (Suse Bell)

o. Publications manual (Suse Bell)

p. Marketing initiatives (Gary Willick)


3. Books:


a. Harriman Trails (Bill Myles' book) (Daniel Chazin)

b. Long Path Guide (Daniel Chazin/Herb Chong)

c. "Hike of the Week" book (Daniel Chazin)

d. Circuit Hikes in Harriman book (Don Weise)

e. New Jersey Walk Book (Daniel Chazin)


4. Maps:


a. Catskill maps (George Dagis)

b. "Central Jersey" maps (southern map of North Jersey set) (Craig Nunn)

c. East Hudson maps (Daniel Chazin)

d. Highlands Trail maps (Jeremy Apgar)


5. Date of next meeting