Policy Council meeting March 9, 2016

Policy Council
Wed, 03/09/2016 - 17:30

Light meal and networking at 5:30 pm, meeting begins at 6:00 pm.

  • Introductions
  • Trail Approval Task Force: (Walt Daniels, 15 min) Review revised draft approval process document and decide whether to send to RTCs for comment. The associated web form continues to be revised based on input received.
  • Trails Standards Task Force: (Walt Daniels, 30 min) Review and discuss draft standard and decide whether to send to RTCs for comment.
  • Trail Policy and TMG Task Force: (Chris Connolly, 45 min) Progress report and discussion
  • Mountain Bike Task Force: (Bob Boysen or John Mack, 10 min, possibly in connection with the Trail Policy discussion) Progress report,
  • Other business including possible need for other new or revised policies (10 min)
  • Set date for next meting or conference call
Groups audience: 

Estelle Anderson, Bob Boysen, Chris Connolly, Marty Costello, Walt Daniels, Mary Dooman (by phone), Peter Hoh, Moe Lemire, John Mack, John Magerlein, Chris Reyling, Keith Scherer, Fred Stern, Josh Howard Absent: Estelle Anderson (excused), Leigh Draper

Status of Minutes: 

1. Trail Approval Task Force

The Policy Council is responsible for the trail approval process. The associated web form remains under revision and does not require Policy Council review. The following changes and additions to the draft process were made:

  • Add "when feasible" to the recommendation that we do an environmental assessment if our agnecy partner does not do one.
  • Members of the relevant RTC will be sent a link to each approval made by an LTC chair so they can raise questions if they have concerns about the approval.
  • A flow chart will be added showing the steps in the approval process for each different case. Josh will make a draft chart and will send it to Walt for him to complete.

When these changes have been made, I will ask the four RTC representatives to send the draft approval process to the RTCs for their comment.

2. Trail Standards Task Force

There are three different trail standards. A design standard has been drafted here, a construction standard is in the first stages of outlining, and a maintenance standard which is expected to be revised in 2017 and a budget request made for printing.

It was decided that the design standard is ready to be sent to the RTCs for comment, but that an introductory presentation is required so that the RTCs can clearly understand the intent and the implementation plan for the standard. The task force will prepare such a presentation and the Policy Council will review it at our next meeting.

3. Trail Policy and TMG Task Force

There is substantial overlap between our current Trails Policy and our Mountain Bile Policy. It was agreed that trail use is a very important aspect of our overall trails policy. Thus the current mountain bike policy should be broadened into a trail use policy, which should be included in our overall trail policy. The Mountain Bike Task Force will be disbanded and Bob Boysen and John Mack will be added to the Trail Policy and TMG Task Force. The Task Force will complete a detailed outline of a new Trails Policy by the next Policy Council meeting.

The TMG primary audience is Trail Chairs, Supervisors, and Crew Chiefs. The Task Force will prepare a developed outline of a new TMG by the next Policy Council meeting.

The Council agreed that we should move ahead with the three current task forces and that no new policy work will be initiated at this time.

The next meeting will be a conference call on Wednesday, April 6 from 6:30-8:00 pm.