Policy Council meeting October 12, 2016

Policy Council
Wed, 10/12/2016 - 17:30

Light meal and networking at 5:30 pm, meeting begins at 6:00 pm.

  1. Introductions - 10 min
  2. Trail Approval Task Force - On hold until new web site is ready (Walt Daniels)
  3. Trail Standards Task Force (Walt Daniels) - 10 min
  4. Update of Trail Maintenance Guide - 10 min
    • Create a new task force or assign to an existing one
  5. Trail Management Guide Task Force (Mary Dooman) - 10 min
  6. Trail Management Policy Task Force (John Magerlein) - 10 min
  7. Trail Use Policy Task Force (Bob Boysen) - 40 min
    • Link to current draft
    • Discussion based on comments in new draft which incorporates comments from Policy Council members and staff.  Document will be revised based on our discussion and sent for further staff comments.
  8. Land Manager Relations Task Force (Estelle Anderson) -10 min
  9. Risk Management and Safety Task Force - 10 min
  10. Set date for next meeting
Groups audience: 

Bob Boysen, Chris Connolly, Walt Daniels, Mary Dooman, Peter Hoh, Moe Lemire, John Mack, John Magerlein, Keith Scherer, Josh Howard. Absent and excused: Estelle Anderson, Chris Reyling, Brian Sniatkowski, Fred Stern

Status of Minutes: 
  1. Trail Approval Task Force
    • Walt Daniels showed a example of a form (not related to trail aspprovals) from the new web site and noted that forms will be much more flexible. The task force will resume work on a trail approval process and associated form after the new web site goes live.
  2. Trail Standards Task Force
    • Following our last meeting, the draft was shared with the RTCs and comments were requested, but none were received. We reviewed the draft briefly and make two minor edits. This draft will now go for final staff review. Josh noted that this won't happen immediately due to other staff commitments, but will be complete before our next meeting in December. We expect that it will be ready for final Policy Council approval at our next meeting.
  3. Update of Trail Maintenance Guide
    • We expect to know by our next meeting whether priorities and budget will allow this guide to be reprinted in 2017. If it will be reprinted, we will at our next meeting assign the task of updating it to a task force, probably the trail standards task force.
  4. Trail Management Guide Task Force
    • Mary Dooman gave a brief progress report. Several sections remain to be written, and new forms and procedures from the new web site will be added when they become available. The Guide is not expected to be completed until some time in 2017.
  5. Trail Management Policy Task Force
    • John Magerlein reviewed a new draft, which includes the policy portions of many aspects of trail management. Additional material from the Trail Management Guide will be added as that document is completed.
  6. Trail Use Policy Task Force
    • Bob Boysen led a lengthy discussion of the current draft, which included a large number of comments from Policy Council members and staff. Several questions were resolved and many improvements to the text were made based on the consensus of the Council. The task force will revise the introduction to reflect the changes made and will then request another round of comments from staff and Council members. These will be made before our next meeting, at which we will review the draft again.
  7. Land Manager Relations Task Force
    • The current draft was examined briefly. The task force continues to edit the draft. Some sections remain to be added and information about specific MOUs will be removed. We will review again at our next meeting. When completed, this document is expected to be incorporated into the Trail Management Guide and it will not exist as a separate document.
  8. Risk Management and Safety Task Force
    • John Magerlein presented a few charts prepared by Bob Fuller describing the initial work of the task force. The task force has made excellent progress to date and hopes to have a draft document for discussion at our next meeting.
  9. Walt Daniels showed a draft Visitor Use Management Policy from the ATC. We may need a similar policy to address our heavy overuse areas like Breakneck. We will discuss further at a future meeting.
  10. The next meeting will be in person at the Trail Conference office on Tuesday, December 13. A light meal will be available at 5:30 pm, with the meeting scheduled for 6:00-8:00 pm.