Standards Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thu, 01/07/2016 (All day)
  • Elect chair
  • Roadmap
    • 1/16 approve charter
    • 1/16 approve maintenance manual
    • 2/16 send draft design standard to RTCs
    • 2/16 draft table of contents of construction standards
    • 4/16 draft construction standards
    • 4/16 RTCs send design standards to Policy Council
    • 5/16 Policy council approves design standards
    • 6/16 send draft construction standards to RTCs
    • 8/16 RTCs send construction standards to Policy Council
    • 9/16 Policy council approves construction standards
    • 10/16 end of committee
  • Bright lines
  • Table of Contents - Construction Standards
Groups audience: 

Walt, John Mack, Chris Reyling, Bob, Erik, Ama, Kevin

Status of Minutes: 

John Magerlein has dropped off the committee.

Walt was elected as chair.

Erik and Ama (with a little help from others) amended the definitions that were marked TBD.

Bob objected to just passing the maintenance manual on to the policy council for approval because the sawyers have suggested it needs some extra words about saw safety. Bob and Chris will propose some verbage in the next week, before the Policy Council meeting, to address those concerns.

We adjusted the roadmap a little (and after the meeting fixed another flaw).

We spent a lot of time brainstorming a proposed TOC for the construction standards. Bob and Chris will reorder the items into a sensible order soon.

Next meeting was set for Feb 11, but after the meeting discovered that the date has problems. New date to be set by Doodle poll.