Web Content Phone Meeting Nov. 1

Web Content
Mon, 11/01/2010 - 13:30
  • Memory Upgrade report
  • Web troubleshooting in Walt's absence: Walt will provide contact list in priority order (Pending from last meeting)
  • Other troubleshooting issues?
  • Other "In Walt's absence" issues?
  • Updating Web test site: Has it happened? Will it happen before Walt leaves Nov. 4?
  • Web Testing of Store Shipping: Fixed?
  • What remains on old site that needs to be moved/saved?
  • Other?
Georgette, Walt, Bill, Josh, Ann
Status of Minutes: 

1. Josh suggested that after Walt returns that we consider moving to a new box. Computer that we are leasing now is at maximum memory. Vendor is offering an improved service that would cost about $1500/year. Walt agreed worth thinking about. Indicated one issue he needs to talk to A2 Hosting about--we have an extra PHP accelerator installed by Trellon.Walt doesn't know how to handle this; A2 needs to give input on this. Otherwise, copying all user space should be relatively straightforward.

2. Web troubleshooting in Walt's absence. Unless there are memory issues, there is little else that goes wrong. Call A2 Hostin;Contacts: Bill, Kipp. Walt to send contact info.

Webmaster email needs to go to Bill; most frequently, these involve store questions; Walt will figure out what needs to be done

Walt does not expect to have email access except rarely.

Josh talked about upgrading store reports as a priority after D6

Walt reported that web test site has not yet been updated; he hopes to do it before he leaves

Store shipping problem--Walt said no word from Kipp to whom the problem has been assigned. Bill noted that on D6 site, Kipp has created a page for the books that shows discounts, but only for books--not for other things. Walt will ask Kipp about it when he asks about the shipping problem

Bill has got registration pages themed more correctly--neeeds text on log-on page and register page that updating email, etc on website does not transfer to office database. Walt will check to see if there is a notification process that could be activated.

Next meeting: December 6


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The shipping cost on checkout problem has been fixed. It involved the third checkbox down at admin/store/settings/quotes/edit. It seems to work as intended now, but feel free to kick any tires that need kicking.