Appalachian National Scenic Trail - Drinking Water Conditions

August 26, 2010
Larry Wheelock
NY-NJ Trail Conference - Regional Representative


Appalachian National Scenic Trail - Drinking Water Conditions


Out of date info - being updated starting 6/1/2019

Drinking water along the AT in both New Jersey and New York is limited due to drought conditions.

Some water sources have dried up or are reduced to a trickle. Some have become polluted. Hikers along the AT should check ahead on water availability by reading register logs, inquiring at park offices and other information points along the Trail. In New Jersey, hikers may be able to inquire with the seasonal Ridge Runners, should you meet one on the trail. They have been monitoring conditions along the AT in that state. Be prepared to treat any water source if you are not confident that it is potable.

Appalachian Trail - wide Water condition updates can be found at: 

Pennsylvania: Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the attachment to download a July 2010 report on water sources along the AT in Pennsylvania.

Water Report for AT in New Jersey: July 16, 2010

Location Status
Nat'l Parks Visitor Center Faucet in pavilion area
Dunnfield Creek Parking Lot Pump handle has been replaced and pump works
Holly Springs Trail, 0.2 miles east of AT Slow flow-may dry up
Sunfish Pond Run-off Good Flow-Reliable
Garvey Spring Rarely Flows-Don't even think about it
Yards Creek Run-off, 1 mile N of Sunfish Pond Running good
Mohican Outdoor Center-0.3 miles off of AT Faucet by garage across from office
Rattlesnake Spring, 50-150 feet Good Flow-Reliable
Blue Mountain Lakes Road Pump handle has been reinstalled
Boy Scout Bridge, 0.3 miles north of Rattlesnake Mountain Slow Flow - Not reliable
Brink Road Shelter Spring Slow flow - Reliable
Gren Anderson Shelter Spring Slow flow - may dry up
Mashipacong Shelter No Water
Iris Trail Stream, N of Mashipacong Shelter Slow Flow-Filter & Purify-may dry up
Rutherford Shelter Spring Slow flow-may dry up
High Point State Park Office, Route 23 Faucet by office
Monument Shelter, High Point Good Flow-Reliable (to the right of 1st bridge)
Secret Shelter, 5.5 miles N of HP Shelter-Goldsmith Rd Faucet from well-Private property
Unionville, NY via Lott Rd & NJ Avenue Faucet at town park, next to post office
Just north of Lake Wallkill Rd Faucet at back of house, sign on the AT
Pochuck Shelter No Water
Trail angel 1.8 miles north of Pochuck Shelter Temporarily out of service-knee problems
Heaven Hill Farm Faucet at farm, and Ice Cream
Wawayanda Shelter, blue blazed trail off of AT to park office Faucet on park office&maintenance buildings

Conditions in New York:

In Orange County:

  • Harriman State Park streams may be running low, but reliable sources would be at the lakes, Tiorati Circle, Bear Mountain Inn area and the Bear Mountain Zoo.

In Dutchess County:

  • The pump at the Wiley Shelter is not working. A nearby cistern did have a slow flow of water, but as the draught continues this source will become problematic.  
  • There is no water at the Telephone Pioneers Shelter