Become a Trail Angel Society Founding Member

August 01, 2019
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Become a Trail Angel Society Founding Member
Wyanokie High Point at Norvin Green State Forest. Photo by Heather Darley.


In May, the Trail Conference created the Trail Angel Society, named for those individuals who so generously and magically provide for hikers and trail users.

The purpose of this giving society is to create reliable income over the long term, which makes it ideal to be funded by planned gifts such as a bequest or other provision in an estate plan that benefits the Trail Conference. Membership currently includes the individuals and families named in the sidebar. We would be delighted to include you as a founding member.

When you complete the bequest intention form and send it in to us today, you will not only be paying forward your love for public lands and trails, you will also be making a big difference right now. For every form we receive, a generous donor will write a check to the Trail Conference for $500. Our donor believes in the importance and power of creating immediate incentives to encourage people to create an estate plan and benefit the charities that mean the most to them. By becoming a founding member of the Trail Angel Society today, you will ensure the Trail Conference benefits from the generosity of our Trail Angels both now and in the future.

Trail Angel Society Founding Members

  • Anonymous (9x)
  • Jill Arbuckle
  • Walt and Jane Daniels
  • Peter Heckler
  • Joshua Howard
  • John Kolp
  • Jane Levenson
  • Leonard and Sue Lyon
  • Bob Ross
  • James Sciales
  • John Swanson
  • Ernest Tornincasa
  • Ann Marie Walker
  • William Ward
  • Edward B. Whitney
  • Patsy Wooters

Note that your bequest intention form is non-binding; people can change their minds as their circumstances change. The form is to show that you are making plans now, but you have every right to change them later.

If you’ve made a provision in your estate plan that benefits the Trail Conference, use this form to let us know, even if you’ve told us previously, and we can benefit NOW from our generous donor. If you’re working on your estate plan and you intend to benefit the Trail Conference with a provision, use this form when you have finalized your plans and take advantage of this exciting pledge challenge.

For further questions, please contact Membership and Development Director Don Weise at [email protected] or 201.512.9348 x813.