Fire Warnings Issued for New York and New Jersey

April 20, 2016


Fire Warnings Issued for New York and New Jersey



Fire warnings across much of our region are high risk due to dry conditions and rising temperatures.

Shawangunk Ridge Fire 2015New York Warnings

In New York State, red flag fire warnings had been issued in several areas. A red flag warning is a short-term, temporary warning, indicating the presence of a dangerous combination of temperature, wind, relative humidity, fuel or drought conditions which can contribute to new fires or exacerbate existing fires, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

New Yorkers should be aware that residential brush burning is prohibited through May 14. Open burning of debris is the largest single cause of spring wildfires in the state, reports the DEC.

Campfires using charcoal or untreated wood are allowed, but people should never leave fires unattended and must completely extinguish them before leaving the area.

Find the daily fire danger rating forecast map for New York State on the DEC's website. 

New Jersey Warnings

In New Jersey, fire danger levels are high throughout the state, with a Stage 1 fire restriction in effect.

Stage 1 fire restrictions state that “Fires directly on the ground will be prohibited unless in a prepared fire ring. Fires on mineral soil which will not endanger the forest, such as in a gravel pit, may be permitted at the discretion of the Forest Firewarden issuing the permit. A prepared fire ring must be constructed of steel, stone, brick, or concrete with a gravel or masonry base,” according to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

Find updates on wildfire danger levels, permits, and restrictions in New Jersey on the NJDEP’s website.