Highlands Trail Temporary Reroute in Mahlon Dickerson Reservation

May 02, 2011
Morris County Park Commission


Highlands Trail Temporary Reroute in Mahlon Dickerson Reservation



The Highlands Trail has been temporarily rerouted in Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, Morris County, NJ.  The dam at Saffin Pond's outlet is being restored, and to keep park visitors away from the work area, the Morris County Park Commission has established temporary trails and closed the picnic area at the dam.  The project began in April, 2011, and it is expected to take 10-12 months, after which the temporary trails will be removed.

The Highlands Trail typically crosses the dam.  Approaching the dam from the east, the Highlands Trail turns right to follow a short temporary trail (currently marked by red flagging tape) then a connector trail (currently marked by teal diamonds with black dots) north to the parking area.  The Highlands Trail then follows orange construction fencing to the northwest corner of the parking lot before entering the woods and following a temporary trail south.  This section of trail is currently marked by red flagging tape and appears freshly raked and cut, and it is fairly easy to follow.  Just south of the dam, this temporary trail meets up with the previous route of the Highlands Trail, where there is orange construction fencing and signage about the reroute.

The following map shows the temporary trail reroutes established by the Morris County Park Commission.  The Highlands Trail is shown with gray outline as it now follows two separate temporary trails (yellow lines) in combination with a trail on the east side of Saffin Pond that typically serves as a connector trail to the parking area.  Closed sections of trail are indicated by thick black dashes with small 'X' marks, with the dam itself noted by a Keep Out symbol.



Saffin Pond Dam Restoration Temporary Trail Reroutes