Highpointers Convention Comes to New Jersey

June 25, 2009
Lanny Wexler


Highpointers Convention Comes to New Jersey


monument at High Point State Park, NJThe Highpointers Club will be basing its 2009 convention at High Point State Park in New Jersey, July 29-August 1. The registration deadline is July 1.

The purpose of the Highpointers Club is to promote climbing to the highest point in each of the fifty (50) states; provide a forum for education about the highpoints; aid in the preservation and conservation of the highpoints and their environs; provide a vehicle through which persons with this common goal can meet and correspond with one another; maintain positive relationships with owners of highpoints on private property; assist in the care and maintenance of highpoints; and support public and private efforts to maintain the integrity of and access to state highpoints.

Click here to learn more about the Highpointers Club and to register for the 2009 convention.