Hikers can hit trails at most NJ parks

November 04, 2011
James O'Neill


Hikers can hit trails at most NJ parks


Most trails, parks and nature centers across North Jersey will be open to visitors this weekend despite sustaining some of the most significant tree damage from a storm in recent memory. . .

"Our volunteers, many of whom have been doing this for more than 20 years, have never seen this much tree damage, even after hurricanes," said Chris Ingui, New Jersey program coordinator for the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, which maintains hundreds of miles of trails in the two states.

"But in many cases, even trails where limbs or trees are still down are passable," Ingui said. "North Jersey was hit very, very hard, but up in the Catskills there was not much damage at all because the leaves were already off the trees when the storm hit."

Hikers this weekend should use caution. If they come upon a downed tree, they should try to go around or over it, and not under it, Ingui said.

For more about trail conditions, go to the conference website at nynjtc.org.


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