Support Grows for Limiting Height of LG Electronics Building on Palisades

May 07, 2013
Protect the Palisades


Support Grows for Limiting Height of LG Electronics Building on Palisades


Cyclists support building height limit on Palisades.Trail Conference board member Charlotte Fahn collects petition signatures on the Palisades.

Outpouring of Support from Hikers, Bikers and Cyclists Against Englewood Cliffs’ Development

May 6, 2013 (Englewood Cliffs, NJ) -  On Sunday, May 4, dozens of  hikers, bikers and cyclists eagerly showed their support to have LG Electronics redesign a 143-foot tall office building the company has proposed in Englewood Cliffs, along the  9W Palisades route, by signing petitions at a popular eatery and rest stop, ‘The Market’. The event was organized by members of a coalition called Protect the Palisades.

According to the organizers, ninety-four percent of the hikers, bikers, cyclists and locals who stopped by signed the petition opposing the construction in its present form; two per cent supported LG’s plan; another two percent said they would study the matter; and two percent expressed no interest.

The Protect the Palisades coalition was formed in response to a variance granted to LG Electronics by Englewood Cliffs that overrode the existing 35 foot height limit on buildings and, also, an overlay zone that would allow building heights of 90 feet along the Palisades Interstate Parkway.

“We are working to convince LG that a lower building of the same size will both meet their needs and prevent other tall buildings from being erected along the New Jersey Palisades.  This National Historic Landmark and New Jersey Scenic Byway is an unmatched landscape in northern Bergen County and should not be opened up for high-rise development like the rest of the river front,” said Ed Goodell, Executive Director of the NY-NJ Trail Conference.

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