New York and New Jersey Hunting Seasons 2016-17

November 14, 2016
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New York and New Jersey Hunting Seasons 2016-17
Deer - Photo Wendy Asea


Outdoor recreationists should be aware of hunting season schedules and areas where hunting is permitted when choosing where to explore. We've also compiled a list of our top 10 no-hunting hike areas in New York and New Jersey. 

Remember: It's always a good idea to wear bright colors when in the woods during hunting season, no matter where you go. 

2016-17 Hunting Season Schedules 


Note: NY now has an early bear season and permits use of crossbow, including during the new early bear and certain deer seasons. Find DEC crossbow rules by clicking here.
For the DEC's summary of regulations regarding the 2016-17 big game, turkey, and furbearer seasons, click here.


Bear Season (Southern Zone)
Early: Sept 10-25
Regular: Nov. 19-Dec. 11
Bow Hunting: Oct. 1-Nov. 18; Dec. 12-20
Deer Season Southern Zone (includes Hudson Valley and Catskills)
Regular (Gun): Nov. 19-Dec. 11
Bow: Oct. 1-Nov. 18; Dec. 12-20

Westchester Co.
Bow only: Oct. 1-Dec. 31

Suffolk Co.
Bow only: Oct. 1-Jan. 31, 2017
Special Firearms Season (special permit, weekdays): Jan. 1–Jan. 31, 2017
Bear Mountain-Harriman and Sterling Forest State Parks:
Hikers should be aware that hunting is allowed with a park permit in the area of Harriman west of Route 87 and into Sterling Forest State Park. Other areas of Harriman-Bear Mountain are not open to hunting. For complete details call the park at 845-351-5907

Schunemunk Mountain State Park: Hunting is allowed at the park.

Other State Parks: Hunting is allowed in parts or all of some other state parks. Call parks for details. Find contact info by using our parks database

Black Rock Forest (845-534-4517) This private forest closes to all hikers during regular gun season, from Nov. 19 through Dec. 11.

For more info on deer and black bear seasons and regulations in New York, visit the DEC website.


Regulations in NJ are quite complicated and info about exactly where and when hunting is permitted can be hard to find.

For the DEP's broad overview of NJ state parks open for the 2016-17 deer, small game, water fowl, and turkey seasons, click here. 

The following seasons are generally in effect.


Bear Season

New For 2016: The black bear hunting season now consists of two separate segments, A and B. Segment A is Oct. 10–15. Segment B is Dec. 5–10. For additional info, check

Deer Season

Bow: Opens Sept. 10 in several zones. Statewide, the season begins Oct. 1.
Winter Bow: Jan. 1-Feb. 18, 2017
6 Day Firearm: Dec. 5-10

There are additional permit deer seasons. Look for them at

The safest course in the fall in New Jersey is to hike only on Sundays, when hunting with firearms is generally prohibited throughout the state. (Seasonal bow-hunting is permitted in Wildlife Management Areas on Sundays.) 

Click here to find more information about hunting in New Jersey.

Contact DFW with any questions.