Irene changes ranger's landscape

October 03, 2011


Irene changes ranger's landscape


Damage from Tropical Storm Irene has provided a little extra work for volunteer trail maintainers that help the state keep trails in good condition.. .

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference has two work days coming up. On Oct. 15, there will be a trip up the Peekamoose-Table trail, co-sponsored by the Catskill 3500 Club. And on Oct. 30, the trail conference and Morgan Outdoors will work on the trails around Frick and Hodge Ponds. Details and registration information for both trips can be found online at

Jeff Senterman, Catskills program coordinator for the conference, said smaller crews will probably go out later in the fall as individual volunteer maintainers hike their adopted trails and find blowdown they can't clear on their own.

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