Metro North to Make Additional Stops at Breakneck, Manitou Starting April 3

March 24, 2016
Amber Ray
Metropolitan Transportation Authority


Metro North to Make Additional Stops at Breakneck, Manitou Starting April 3


Breakneck Ridge ScrambleSaid to be the most popular hike in the country, Breakneck Ridge is about to become accessible to more people than ever, thanks to the new, expanded Metro North train schedule. 

Effective April 3, six trains will make the round trip from Grand Central station in Manhattan to the stop at the Breakneck Ridge trailhead on weekends and holidays. This doubles the number of trains stopping at Breakneck from last season, which was a further increase from 2014, when only two trains made the stop. 

According to the new schedule, one train heading to the Breakneck trailhead stop from Grand Central will leave approximately every hour from 6:43 a.m. to 12:43 p.m. Six trains will make the return trip starting at 1:09 p.m., with the final train departing Breakneck at 7:17 p.m. These trains will also stop just south of Breakneck Ridge at the Manitou station, from which trailheads for Anthony's Nose and Bear Mountain—including the Appalachian Trail—are accessible. This timetable is in effect through July 10. Find the full schedule here. 

“The new schedule will spread the crowds out onto more trains and enable more hikers to get to Breakneck more easily, thanks to several trains leaving Grand Central later in the morning and even in the afternoon,” said Trail Conference Senior Program Coordinator Hank Osborn. “The Metro North option to Breakneck will no longer be just for early risers.” 

There are numerous trails—marked and unmarked—in the Breakneck Ridge area, and almost all hikes here are considered strenuous. Every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday holiday from Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day, our Breakneck Trail Stewards are available at the Breakneck trailhead with maps, water, trail condition updates, and other tips to help you enjoy your day.

The Trail Conference hopes you enjoy your hike, and invites you to get involved by helping to care for the trails you love. Stop by the trailhead info station, say “hi,” and learn more about how the Trail Conference supports great hiking in our region.