NJ Senate to Vote on 2014 Conservation Funding Proposal

January 08, 2014
NJ Keep It Green


NJ Senate to Vote on 2014 Conservation Funding Proposal


UPDATE: January 7, 2014

In December, we alerted you to a legislative proposal to dedicate 2.4% of New Jersey's existing state sales tax to conservation. The bill must be approved by the state Senate and Assembly and then by voters in a referendum.

As the new year begins, it is confirmed that the Senate is maintaining its forward momentum on the proposal and that a vote on the legislation--SCR165--is scheduled for this Thursday, January 9th! Your support can help turn the tide in favor of a greener New Jersey.

What can you do to support this legislation?

Call your Senator (Click here to find yours) We need calls to the entire Senate urging support for SCR165.  Click here for a press statement that includes some helpful talking points.

Come to Trenton Thursday, Jan. 9:  We will want to have a good showing at the Statehouse on Thursday to demonstrate support and speak with Senators prior to the vote.  Contact Megan Tinsley, Conservation Advocate for  New Jersey Audubon for details: [email protected] or (609) 335-1014