People For Trails: Andre Nizzari

November 19, 2018
Heather Darley
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


People For Trails: Andre Nizzari
Andre Nizzari maintaining trails in the Catskill's Platte Clove Preserve.


Trail Conference Roles: Trail Maintainer, A.T. Corridor Monitor, Volunteer Trail Steward

Monday through Friday, Andre Nizzari works as an electrician in Manhattan. On the weekends, he spends almost all his time hiking. That’s when he becomes a trail superhero.

 “It’s amazing that I get to volunteer my time to protect my favorite parks. I feel like I really am a part of something,” says Andre. He is among one of the organization’s most ambitious volunteers. Andre joined the Trail Conference family as a member back in January of 2018. Since then, he’s become an Appalachian Trail corridor monitor, a trail maintainer for five different trails in three parks throughout the region, and one of our first volunteer Trail Stewards at Breakneck Ridge.

Andre’s passion for the outdoors and excitement for the organization is contagious in conversation, which makes him a perfect role model for getting outside and giving back. “Wherever I hike now, I feel like I’m always acting as a steward or maintainer: cleaning up the trails and helping lost or hurt hikers,” he says. “I think it’s so important to give back to the hiking community while also protecting nature.”

As a corridor monitor and trail maintainer, Andre cares for about 2.5 miles of A.T. corridor and about 5.5 miles of trail in Harriman State Park, Hook Mountain State Park, and the Catskill’s Platte Clove Preserve. "I love the Catskills. They're so beautiful, and I figured it I was a trail maintainer, I'd have a good reason to visit and hike,” he says. “I maintain the three trails at Platte Clove Preserve, and I'm really proud of that place. It's so clean, has so much history, and allows me to access and explore the Devil's Path."

Creating and protecting trails is a labor of love. We celebrate our volunteers–their passion, dedication, and leadership make the trails we all love possible. To become a trail superhero like Andre, get outside and volunteer, or support your trail community by becoming a member