Pipeline Construction Closes Terrace Pond North Trail

February 22, 2011
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference
Trail Supervisor


Pipeline Construction Closes Terrace Pond North Trail



Effective Feb. 12, the Terrace Pond North Trail (blue) is closed to hiking, probably through the summer. The closure is the result of construction by Tennessee Gas Pipeline company on the natural gas pipeline along their right-of-way.

The immediate work that will be taking place is the clearing of trees to be followed in the spring and summer with the installation of the pipeline. Please be advised that trails will be closed periodically during specific phases of the construction. For more information, please call the park office: 973-853-4462.

Old Coal, Turkey Ridge and Cabin trails will be "sporadically closed" according Wawayanda's Park Superintendent, while construction is underway this spring. The trail closings will be posted in the affected areas.

The "pipeline" parking lot on Clinton Road is also posted closed to parking. The parking area at the trailhead for Terrace Pond South is open. Access to Terrace Pond is available from there and hikers can still hike around the pond when they reach it from open trails: Terrace Pond Red, Spring North to Yellow Dot, and Terrace Pond South.