Route 106 Closure Update

January 17, 2014
PIPC, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Route 106 Closure Update


See January 29, 2014 update 

January 17, 2014: Route 106 update

Owing to ongoing water and ice conditions, Rt. 106 between Rt. 17 and Kanawauke Circle on Seven Lakes Drive is closed for the winter. Access to the Kanawauke parking area from the circle will be kept open, and hikers can hike from there along the road to trail heads. 

Following Trail Conference inquiries, a road barrier at the circle on Seven Lakes Drive is being changed from "Road Closed" to "Road Closed Ahead" to permit legal access to the parking area. A full "Road Closed" barrier is in place just beyond the parking area.  

Trail heads along the closed section of Rt. 106 can be accessed by walking along the road from the parking area.

While many hoped that the road could be kept open during the winter, snow and rain fall in the weeks immediately after the park accepted the road from Orange County revealed that long-standing hazardous drainage issues on the road continue to exist. 

Discussions prompted by this road closure have included reports of additional restrictions on trail access elsewhere in the park. The Trail Conference is looking into these reports. We will post information on this page as we learn it.

Other seasonal road closures (Dec. 1-April 1) in the park announced previously:

Perkins Memorial Drive on Bear Mountain is closed for the season . 

Tiorati Brook Road, Arden Valley Road, Exit 16 on the Palisades Interstate Parkway to Lake Welch Drive are closed December 1, 2013 to April 1, 2014. The only portion of Lake Welch Drive that remains open is from Seven Lakes Drive to St. Johns.