Route 106 in Harriman State Park Reopens as a Park Road, Subject to Snow Closures

January 02, 2014
Palisades Interstate Park Commission, Trail Conference


Route 106 in Harriman State Park Reopens as a Park Road, Subject to Snow Closures


Update, January 16, 2014: Owing to ongoing water and ice conditions, Rt. 106 between Rt. 17 and Kanawauke Circle is closed for the winter (Dec. 1-April 1). Access to the Kanawauke parking area from the circle will be kept open, and hikers can hike from there along the road to trail heads. Following Trail Conference inquiries, a road barrier at the circle is being changed from "Road Closed" to "Road Closed Ahead." A full "Road Closed" barrier is in place just beyond the parking area. Watch our news page for additional updates (select "Harriman-Bear Mtn" in Content Types and click "Apply"). Click for Google Map, Kanawauke Circle:

Rt. 106 signEffective January 1, 2014, County Road 106 through Harriman State Park is transferred from ownership and maintenance responsibilities by Orange County to the Palisades Interstate Park Commission as a park road between Route 17 and the Rockland / Orange County border.

The Trail Conference has confirmed with PIPC that its intention is to keep the road open if conditions allow, but that it is unable to pay for plowing, and so the road will be closed during snow and ice events. PIPC does intend to keep open access to the parking area at Kanawauke Lake.  Over at the western end, 106 will be closed at the bridge because they do not have snowplows operating at that end of the park. Drivers should respect Road Closed signs and barriers.

Orange County had closed the road in the Spring of 2008 as a result of two culverts associated with Lake Kanawauke being determined by the County as unsafe to carry vehicular traffic. After discussions with the Commission, the County agreed to repair the culverts as well as make other required improvements to the road on the condition that the Commission takes possession of the road upon completion of said improvements. The agreement also made clear that the Commission would only accept the road as a park road and retain the authority to close it seasonally consistent with other park roads.

County Road 106 connects Route 17 in Tuxedo with 7 Lakes Drive at Kanawauke Circle in Harriman State Park. This road serves as a major connector through the park and areas east and west of parkland. Additionally, this section of road serves various group camps on Lake Kanawauke and Lake Stahahe.