Help Save AmeriCorps, Help Improve Our Trail Lands

March 09, 2017
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Help Save AmeriCorps, Help Improve Our Trail Lands
Volunteers work with the Trail Conference Conservation Corps' Palisades Trail Crew on the Red Back Trail in Sterling Forest State Park. Photo by Robert Fernandez.


AmeriCorps works to support the Trail Conference mission of connecting people with nature. But AmeriCorps is facing elimination.

AmeriCorps, which is vital to the Trail Conference Conservation Corps, is on the budget chopping block.

This federal program provides the structure of our Conservation Corps, the status our Corps members need to be able to serve, and the funding to provide AmeriCorps Education Awards to them. 

Thanks in part to AmeriCorps, last season the Trail Conference Conservation Corps leveraged 602 community volunteers in over 5,132 hours of service. Together, Corps members and volunteers inventoried and maintained more than 124 miles of trail, improved/built over 4 miles of trail, and improved over 70 acres of our public lands.

AmeriCorps is one of the many ways that the Trail Conference is able to engage our community in service, and we encourage everyone to spread the word that this program deserves funding. AmeriCorps not only works to create better trail experiences, it’s training the next generation of conservation leaders.

Tell your elected officials to save AmeriCorps and allow the Trail Conference Conservation Corps to continue improving parks and trails for all. Find all the info you need to make the call at