Seasonal Road Closures in Harriman State Park

November 17, 2011


Seasonal Road Closures in Harriman State Park


Palisades Interstate Park Commission Announces These Seasonal Road Closures

With the threat of inclement storms as winter quickly approaches, please be advised of road closures and seek alternative routes.

* Bear Mountain State Park's Perkins Memorial Drive will close for the season on December 1, 2011.

*Lake Welch Drive and Tiorati Brook Road are currently open and will close for the winter on December 1st or earlier if weather dictates the need.

*Arden Valley Road remains closed due to storm damage and will probably remain so through the winter into spring.

*Seven Lakes Drive will be open unless some unforeseen event takes place or if the ongoing construction at the Askoti-Skanattati Dam necessitates its closure in that area.

*The Orange County section of County Route 106 (west of Kanawauke Circle) is closed due to storm damage. The Rockland County portion of Route 106 (east of Kanawauke Circle) is currently open. We cannot guarantee the status of either road because, though they traverse the park, they are not park roads and are therefore not controlled by us.

Please note: Bicyclists should keep in mind that bicycles are not permitted on the Palisades Interstate Parkway. Riding from Perkins Memorial Drive to Seven Lakes Drive in the Harriman State Park area (or vice versa) requires a short, hazardous ride on the PIP that we do not condone. It is suggested that the cyclists make arrangements to have their bikes transported by car or van from one area to the other.

For more information on road conditions or closures, please call (845) 786-2701, ext. 242..