Tennessee Gas Pipeline Work Closes Trails at Ringwood State Park

July 25, 2013
Ringwood State Park Superintendent


Tennessee Gas Pipeline Work Closes Trails at Ringwood State Park


map of pipeline route through Ringwood State Park

July 25, 2013 UPDATE: All trails in Ringwood are reopened, with the exception of the Crossover and Cooper Union Trails. These are expected to reopen within a month upon completion of pipeline work in the area.

January 30, 2013: All trails in Ringwood State Park are now closed. They are expected to remain closed until April 15 during construction work associated with the Tennessee Gas Pipeline. (Click on map to see pipeline route through park.)

The Trail Conference has confirmed with the park that the following closure announcement , issued January 30 by the Superintendent of Ringwood State Park Eric Pain, applies to ALL trails.

[A]s a result of activities associated with the pipeline construction all trails and roads in the vicinity or leading to the pipeline are being closed at this time.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline is beginning to mobilize equipment and could begin cutting trees as early as tomorrow.  With that in mind, general area closed signage has been posted at all key trail access points.  The Brushwood Gate has been closed, as well as the gate at Shepherd Lake.

The current project is scheduled to begin as early as tomorrow [Jan. 31, 2013] and last through April 15, 2013.

This was not an easy decision to make as I am an advocate for all of our user groups and I am not in favor of closures.  Unfortunately there was no way for me to guarantee the safety of park visitors through the completion of the project without closing the entire network of trails.

As the project moves along I will endeavor to keep everyone updated as much as possible and please know that I will re-open the area as soon as I am able.

The current section of pipeline that is being worked on is from the Mahwah Metering station up to Shepherd Lake.  TGP has a completion date of 4/15/13.