Trail Improvements in the Works at Ramapo Valley County Reservation

July 26, 2016
Amber Ray
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Trail Improvements in the Works at Ramapo Valley County Reservation


Click to See a Larger Version of the 2016 Ramapo Reservation Trail Alerts Map

Improvements in the Works

July 2016 Ramapo Reservation Trail ChangesSeveral trail improvements, which aim to make the trails easier to follow, are in progress throughout Ramapo Valley County Reservation. The improvements will include changing blaze colors and creating new trails.

The map seen top right (click to enlarge) shows which trails in the Reservation will be impacted by these changes. The highlighted areas are where changes are being made.

The map of the Reservation seen bottom right (click to enlarge)  incorporates the most recent changes.  This map will be updated periodically as this project progresses. As of July 26, 2016, the changes include:

  • Removal of silver blazes (Silver Trail) from the parking lot to near MacMillan Reservoir
  • Blazing of a portion of the main route around Scarlet Oak Pond as the silver-blazed Pond Loop
  • Extension of the red-blazed Marsh Loop
  • Extension of the blue-blazed Ridge Trail to start at the Halifax Trail near Scarlet Oak Pond
All trails will remain open during this process.

For the latest on these changes, keep checking this page or visit the kiosks at the park entrance.