Understand the DEIS for Sterling Forest Casino Resort at Workshop

November 24, 2014
Sterling Forest Partnership


Understand the DEIS for Sterling Forest Casino Resort at Workshop



Sterling Forest Partnership is sponsoring a workshop prior to December 4th, the deadline for public comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Sterling Forest Resort Casino, to assist those who want to understand and comment on the intimidating document.

On Monday, December 1st, 7-9 PM, at the Tuxedo Park Train Station, several of the environmental consultants that have been hired by Sterling Forest Partnership will present their findings and help illuminate the DEIS for us.

How Do I Prepare for Reviewing and Commenting on this DEIS?

If you were a presenter in the scoping hearing you should look to see whether the questions you raised there are answered, and if so whether the answers are adequate. If there is no response or an incomplete response to your questions, you can use that information in your comments. 

Otherwise, please think about what environmental issues concern you the most: biodiversity, noise, water, socioeconomic issues, wetlands, etc. Read those sections and prepare comments. 

Presenters will probably get three minutes to speak at the hearing. Please write out your oral presentation in advance and practice reading it to make sure of your timing. If you have more to say than three minutes allow, include the rest in your written comments.

What If I Need Help? 

If you need technical help in either understanding the document or in framing your response please contact us ([email protected]).