Women's Clubs' members to rally for continued preservation of the Palisades

May 08, 2013
NJ State Federation of Women's Clubs


Women's Clubs' members to rally for continued preservation of the Palisades



Women's Federation Monument mapWomen’s Clubs’ members who support Protect the Palisades (www.protectthepalisades.org) will gather to recommit to protecting the Palisades and urge re-design of the proposed LG high-rise headquarters in Englewood Cliffs NJ

When:    Saturday, May 11, 2013, 12 noon

Where:   422 Route 9W, Alpine, NJ (click on map at right for larger view)

What:   Mother’s Day Weekend – Representatives from some of the 226 New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs will convene at the Women’s Federation Monument in the Palisades Interstate Park to rededicate their commitment to preserving the Palisades. The Monument is on the cliff top in Alpine. It was dedicated in 1929 to honor the role that the NJSFWC played in the 1890s to guarantee the preservation of the Palisades.

Why:   The Borough of Englewood Cliffs has approved zoning variances and ordinances that would forever alter the unspoiled ridgeline sweeping along the New Jersey side of the Hudson River from the George Washington Bridge north for approximately 11 miles. The variances permit LG Electronics to erect a building along the Palisades Interstate Park that is four times as high (143 ft.) as the current 35 ft. limit; plus, an additional overlay zone that allows building heights of 90 ft.  This would allow the relatively pristine landscape north of Fort Lee, that is a National Historic Landmark and NJ Scenic Byway, to resemble the densely developed shorelines south of the George Washington Bridge and on the Manhattan side of the Hudson River.

The Protect the Palisades coalition, which includes the NJ State Federation of Women’s Clubs, the New York – New Jersey Trail Conference, Scenic Hudson and private residents in Englewood Cliffs urges LG Electronics to respect what Palisades’ towns in the area have done for the past 120 years, and reduce its building height to below the treeline, as ample space is available on the 27 acre parcel of land.


The complete story of the women of New Jersey’s movement, a generation before suffrage, that fought and won to protect the Palisades can be found in the article, "A Stop along the Long Path.