Welwyn Preserve County Park

Welwyn Preserve County Park

40.879179, -73.641556

Located in Glen Cove on the famous "Gold Coast" of Long Island's North Shore, this lovely piece of land, at one time an estate, now offers a fine example of the tall moist hardwood forests that used to dominate the area.

What is now Welwyn Preserve once belonged to Harold Irving Pratt, son of oil magnate and philanthropist Charles Pratt of the late 1800s. The estate includes a Georgian-style mansion, now used by the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County, and several smaller service buildings.

The Preserve offers an impressive...

Park Acreage:

204.00 acres


Glen Cove

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Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums


(516) 572-0200


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January 14, 2017
Unique place
I hiked this park on April 24, 2016. No maps to be found, but an interesting place nonetheless. Supposedly there are 4 marked trails. I stumbled upon 2 of them, but mostly just wandered around. The ruins and greenhouse are worth the visit. Not to mention the Long Island Sound and the gazebo on the jetty.    Check out photographs of this preserve here: https://scenesfromthetrail.com/2016/04/24/welwyn-preserve-county-park/
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