Harriman Hiker Combo

Get these two best-selling Trail Conference items when you buy the Harriman Hiker's combo. No trail is "off limits" in Harriman State Park's dense trail network when you can both read about it in Don Weise's Circuit Hikes in Harriman book and scope it out on the Harriman-Bear Mountain Trails map.


The book features all loop hikes, with each hike having a map and elevation profile. The hikes are well-categorized by difficulty level as well as by use, such as mountain biking, running or skiing. The Harriman Trails map has trail mileages on the front of the map so you can always know trail distances in advance.




  • Circuit Hikes in Harriman, 2015, 1st ed.
  • Harriman-Bear Mountain Trails map, 2016, 17th ed.

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