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Monday, July 21, 2014
In planning
PDF icon work-log-ster-lake-step-stones-at-old-forge.pdf5.95 MB
PDF icon DD-LowerLegFinalReport.pdf6.2 MB
PDF icon mckeags-accessible-option.pdf9.38 MB
PDF icon canopus-worklog-phase2.pdf13.32 MB
PDF icon canopus-worklog-phase1.pdf7.44 MB
PDF icon canopus-progress-before-after.pdf11.09 MB
PDF icon Wildcat Mountain Worklog.pdf3.93 MB
PDF icon Wildcat Mtn Stream Report, Dec 2013.pdf3.51 MB
PDF icon canopus-worklog-east-leg-2-water-bypass-leg.pdf27.2 MB
PDF icon canopus-worklog-east-leg-3-AT-leg.pdf32.78 MB
PDF icon Fire Tower Step Stones.pdf3.13 MB
PDF icon Pine Meadow Connector Step Stones.pdf3.32 MB
PDF icon Warbler Tread Fill.pdf7.24 MB
PDF icon canopus-worklog-east-leg-1-field-leg.pdf20.21 MB
PDF icon New Trail and Trail Rerouting Guidelines-NY-NJ.pdf544.58 KB
PDF icon Redoubt-new-segment-from-parking-lot.pdf6.65 MB
PDF icon Doris Duke sw leg-lower.pdf38.3 MB
PDF icon DD sw leg-middle.pdf38.41 MB
PDF icon Wilkinson-drainage-structures.pdf754.6 KB
PDF icon Sterling Lake at Old Forge and Warbler Restoration Report.pdf4.4 MB
PDF icon DorisDukeEasternLegFinalReport.pdf5.69 MB
PDF icon NorthRedoubtTrailFinalReport.pdf3.58 MB
PDF icon AppalachianWayCanopusLakeFinalReport.pdf17.05 MB
PDF icon McKeagsConnectorFinalReport,2014.pdf5.9 MB
PDF icon PineMeadowFinalReport2014.pdf5.99 MB
PDF icon ProjectPrioritiesAmeriCorps.pdf516.71 KB
PDF icon roundhill.pdf2.85 MB
PDF icon smr-work-log-draft-2.pdf16.05 MB
PDF icon Final Report WilkinsonTrail.pdf2.76 MB
PDF icon wilkinson-waterfall-reroute.pdf10.66 MB
PDF icon Allis-DD-step-stones.pdf4.39 MB
PDF icon bare-rock-repairs-sterling-lake-to-ridge.pdf18.39 MB
PDF icon fire-tower-near-west-valley-intersection.pdf1.44 MB
PDF icon sterling-lake-hike-only-section.pdf2.49 MB
PDF icon west-valley-between bare-rock-and-fire-tower.pdf1.96 MB
PDF icon DorisDuke-West-Middle.pdf24.38 MB
PDF icon canopus-east-leg2-segment3-realignment.pdf6.2 MB
PDF icon Work Log Upper West Doris Duke2.pdf46.58 MB
PDF icon Work-Log-McKeags-Bog-Bridge-Stepping-Stones.pdf1.16 MB
PDF icon highlands-fishkill-rovers-section-and-beyond.pdf29.28 MB
PDF icon red-back-north-by-south-gate-sections-a-b.pdf48.49 MB
PDF icon AppalachianWayFinalReport2015.pdf12.76 MB
PDF icon Huckleberry Ridge Final Report 2015.pdf11.34 MB
PDF icon red-back-north-by-south-gate-sections-c.pdf17.43 MB
PDF icon red-back-north-by-south-gate-sections-d.pdf40.86 MB
PDF icon 2015 Catskills Interpretive Center.pdf39.56 MB
PDF icon undercliff-aqueduct-3-part-plan.pdf5.65 MB
PDF icon Maintenance Worklog - Lower East Face.pdf28.9 MB
PDF icon undercliff-lower-repairs-definition.pdf23.61 MB
PDF icon highlands-trail-fishkill-0-2300-no-rover-section.pdf54.95 MB
PDF icon red-back-caretaker-section-E1.pdf8.96 MB
PDF icon red-back-caretaker-section-E2.pdf12.46 MB
PDF icon red-back-caretaker-section-F.pdf46.74 MB
PDF icon Sloan Gorge #1 44.95 MB
PDF icon Sloan Gorge #247.82 MB
PDF icon Sloan Gorge #326.46 MB