Central Jersey Region

This area presents a wide range of trail opportunities – rail trails, towpaths, ravines, wooded hills, meadows, wetlands, and former fields in this region covering Mercer, Monmouth, Hunterdon and Warren counties.

30 miles of trails are maintained by 19 volunteers and member groups.

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New Jersey has always beena crossroads between New York City and Philadelphia.  Even before the Europeans settled in thearea, the Native Americans developed routes across the state, and the settlerswho established farms in the area later used these routes.  During the American Revolution, troops andsupplies crossed the state many times as the Continental Army engaged in nearly100 battles and skirmishes.

Today, superhighways cross the state, but it is the countyhighways and local roads that ultimately lead residents and visitors tointeresting places to hike.  State,county, and municipal governments have set aside open space in order to protectwater resources and wildlife habitat, ensure suburban and rural ambiance, and provideactive and passive recreation.  Hikerscan available themselves of a wide range of hiking opportunities - rail trails,towpaths, ravines, wooded hills, meadows, wetlands, and former fields.  Wildlife management areas beckon the moreadventuresome hikers who enjoy prowling through woods, fields and meadows [outof hunting season].

Parks and other hiking areas in this region include:

Central Jersey, Point Mountain. Photo by Dan Balogh.