Long Island Region

No mountains, but many trails,often along shore lines of rivers, ocean, or Long Island Sound.

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Trail Conference News: We have published revised 4th edition of Hiking Long Island book. 

Though it lacks high peaks and unbroken wilderness, Long Island nevertheless offers hikers and walkers a surprising number of trails, including several that stretch 20 or 30 miles and connect local and state parks, following shore lines of rivers, ocean,or Long Island Sound. Most of these long distance trails have been built and are maintained by the Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference, a member club of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.

An excellent reference available for purchase on this website is Lee McAllster's book, Hiking Long Island.

Parks with trails include:



Nature on Long Island. Photo by Daniel Chazin.

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There is a proposed trail near port jefferson on Long Island that goes from crystal brook hollow road around mount sinai harbor, port jeff beach and around the east end of port jeff harbor and back in to town. Long island has quite a few trails i love riding my bike through them in the fall.