Schunemunk Mountain Region

This 8-mile long ridge is geologically unlike nearby mountains, being formed from sedimentary deposits including the lovely pink, pebble-studded puddingstone.

22 miles of trails are maintained by 14 Trail Conference volunteers and member groups.

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Trail Conference News: Hundreds of downed trees cleared to reopen trails after February 2009 ice storm.

The area around the northern half of the ridge is a diverse mixture of land uses-industry, the fine arts, and open space. To preserve this magnificent ridge from development, the Mountainville Conservancy was organized by Star Expansion Industries, the Ogden Foundation, and the Storm King Art Center, a 500 acre museum that celebrates the relationship between sculpture and nature. The Conservancy's chief architect was H. Peter Stern, president of Star Expansion Industries and of the Storm King Art Center.

With the Conservancy's future uncertain in 1996, The Open Space Institute, with a grant from the Lila Acheson and DeWitt Wallace Fund for the Hudson Highlands, purchased 2,100 acres of Schunemunk Mountain and additional lands. This acquisition ensured access to the mountain and the preservation of the mountain background for the Art Center. In 2004, this property was acquired by the State of New York and became a state park, managed by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. The Nature Conservancy owns 163 acres on the northern end of the ridge. To preserve this magnificent ridge from development, in 2004 this property was acquired by the State of New York from the Open Space Institute. The Institute and The Nature Conservancy still own land adjacent to Schunemunk Mountain State Park.

On Schunemunk Mountain. Photo by Daniel Chazin.