Become a Trail Ambassador

 Grow the Trail Conference and Earn Store Credits!

As you know, the Trail Conference doesn't charge admission at the keep the trails open, we depend on: 

  1. Volunteer labor (74,000 hours annually)! 
  2. Membership dues from the hikers who use the trails.

Too many hikers don't realize that we need their membership to keep trails open.  The Trail Ambassador initiative is an easy way for you to make a difference, letting people know who makes the trails and how to join the Trail Conference.  Plus, you get credits toward Trail Conference merchandise for every person who signs up for membership with one of your cards. Interested? Read on for the details.


3-Step Process

 1. JOIN the Trail Ambassador Initiative by calling Jennifer Easterbrook at 201-512-9348 x24. You will receive a handful of business cards to hand out to fellow hikers when you're hiking our trails. Each card features a code that is associated with your member number, so we can give you credit for any new members who sign up.  Your name will NOT appear on the cards and no information about you will be given out.  Your only responsibility is to pass out informational cards, which contain a nice discount coupon for new members.


2. RACK UP Trail Ambassador (TA) Dollars.  You will get a $1 Trail Conference store credit for each new member who signs up with one of your business cards.


3. SHOP our Trail Store for your favorite maps and books, along with other great Trail Conference items available for purchase, or apply your points toward your membership renewal.

Important Information

  • A "new member" is any individual who has not been a current, paid member of the Trail Conference in the past two years.  Trail Conference members who have made a dues payment within the past two years are ineligible.
  • TA Dollars can be redeemed for any Trail Store items and for membership renewals.
  • TA Dollars can be redeemed only through Jennifer Easterbrook by calling 201-512-9348 x24 or by visiting the Trail Conference office. Do not make your purchase(s) online.
  • TA Dollars expire after 12 months from the date of the new member sign-up.