Catskills Lean-to Crew

Catskills Lean-to Crew
Section 31 Lean-to

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Please check upcoming events.

About the Crew

While Caretakers handle general maintenance duties, when a lean-to is significantly damaged or in need of repair, the Trail Conference has a Lean-to Crew in the Catskill Mountains that can repair and reconstruct lean-tos.  Crew work in the past has included the reconstruction of the John Robb Lean-to and repair projects on a number of lean-tos throughout the Catskill Mountain region.

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Get Involved

Lean-to Crew Trips are included on the Trail Conference's Trail Crew Outings Calendar.  You can also join the mailing list for general Catskill Mountain region trail information by sending an email with your name and address to [email protected] expressing interest in the Catskills Lean-to Crew.

About Trail Crews in the Catskill Mountains 

The Trail Conference's Catskill Mountain Region Trail Crews are made up of volunteers dedicated to the construction and rehabilitation of trails in the Catskill region. Volunteers on crews do not have to become members of the Trail Conference to participate in these projects, however membership is encouraged so that you can enjoy benefits such as discounts on Trail Conference publications and with our retail partners, our Trail Walker newsletter and your support for all of our programs.

Please phone/email the leaders for meeting location and driving directions. Rain cancels - if in doubt, contact the leaders between 7:00 and 8:00 that morning.There is usually a walk to the work site, so please be there on time (call the leaders' cell phone if you are coming to an event and are running late).

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Upcoming Work Trips

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Stone arch bridge over Seely Brook in Goosepond Mountain State Park. Photo by Marty Costello.
Long Distance Trails Crew Completes Stone Arch Bridge

The repaired stone arch bridge over Seely Brook greatly improves safety and trail experiences in