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Trail University seeks to improve the overall quality of trails by improving trail-related knowledge, understanding and skill base of Trail Conference volunteers, staff and partners.

We are proud to offer an outstanding faculty, small class sizes, and free tuition* to active Trail Conference members. Whether you have no experience with the Trail Conference, are a brand new volunteer, or are a returning Trail U alum, we have courses that will get you outdoors, keep you interested, and equip you with surprising new skills.

Our workshops are taught by professionals and experienced volunteers who are also doing what they love. Our student body at Trail U is a vibrant community of dedicated individuals of all ages. From trail building and maintenance, to shelter caretaking, to stone splitting, sign up now to get outside and give back. We guarantee you’ll not only learn new skills, you’ll be inspired.

Let us prepare you for a day or a lifetime out on the trail!

* Fee Structure

There are three levels of courses:  Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced.

  • All Introductory courses are free and open to all members and the public.
  • Intermediate and Advanced courses generally require Trail Conference membership. In addition, fees may be charged. Fees may be waived if the student is recommended by a trail supervisor, trail chair or staff member.

Fees, when charged, are generally:

• 1-day course:  $50 registration fee
• 2-day course:  $75 registration fee

The cost of a course or workshop may differ from the guidelines depending upon the overall cost of production.

Payment options include (if you have questions, please contact the course coordinator):

  • Online by: click to donate and putting "Trail U ' course #' " in the special instructions box
  • Over the phone (know your course #)
  • In Person at the Trail Conference headquarters
  • By mail: Please put the name of the person attending the course and Trail U "Course #" in the memo of your check