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This User Guide provides

  • an introduction for visitors to the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (TC) Web site about what it contains,
  • specific information about things registered users can do, and
  • guidance for Trail Conference volunteers who have content editing privileges.

The content is largely provided and maintained by Trail Conference volunteers, as are the many trails you can hike.  If you are interested in helping us, please look at Get Involved to see what you can do.

Introduction to the site

TC Member Guide to using the site

  • Participatory areas (Community tab - forums, blogs, etc.)
  • Active volunteer areas (My Groups on left menu, committees, etc.)

Searching the site

In the upper right corner of all pages there is a Search Box. Entering a search term in this box and clicking Search will result in a regular search. If you enter more than one search term in this box the search module will look for content that has all the terms you've entered. If you're looking for an exact term, enclose it in quotation marks. For example, entering Bear Mountain will result in a list of all pages that contain either Bear or Mountain. If you enter "Bear Mountain" the results will be limited to those containing only the phrase, Bear Mountain.

To further limit the results of your search, use Advanced Search. You can access advanced search in two ways. After a regular search, you can click on the Advanced Search link or you can leave the Search Box blank and click on Search. The Advanced Search page provides many options to restrict your search. For example, if you want to know when the Trails Council adopted the trails in Oscawana Park, enter that phrase into the Containing the phrase box and click on the Meeting box. This will result in the page containing the Trails Council Minutes for August 3, 2006.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to see the answers to frequently asked questions about this site.

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Creating and maintaining content on the site

This section describes the structure of this user guide and gives information on how to edit it to add or revise its content.  
This section of the Site User's Guide is for people who maintain content on the site. It contains editing guidelines and hints for creating content such as park and region descriptions, hike descriptions, updates on trail conditions, and information about various volunteer activities.  It also contains specific hints for various tasks such as adding Google maps to your page.
There is a Practice page where, if you have sufficient editing privileges, you can try out your editing techniques and see what happens.


Maintaining the site (as opposed to content on the site)

There is a separate guide for those involved in maintaining the site.  If you need to access this guide, it is located here.


  • This feature is not available.  When it is, you will be able to click here to reference the glossary.


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Other useful links

Contacts for the guide  -- how to submit suggestions and corrections

To make suggestions, use the Add New Comment link at the bottom of the page, or use the Feedback feature that appears on many of the pags.