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Spring 2017 Trail Walker Communications Marketing Final by Author 03/15/2017
Wholesale Return Policy Staff Policy Current version 02/08/2017
Publications Wholesale Order Form Publications Form Current version 02/06/2017
Winter 2017 Trail Walker Communications Marketing Final by Author 01/03/2017
Membership Letter Template Staff Draft 12/30/2016
Contribution Letter Template Staff Current version 12/30/2016
Trail Design Standards Policy Council Practice Approved by Committee 12/13/2016
Fall 2016 Trail Walker Communications Marketing Draft 09/30/2016
Facilities Management And Operations Guide Headquarters Practice Current version 08/27/2016
Trail Report 2015 General Membership Draft 07/12/2016
Kittatinny Trails Map Set Sponsorship 2016 Staff Form Draft 07/06/2016
Form 990 Fiscal Year 2015 Board of Directors Financials Final by Author 06/15/2016
Conservation Committee Charter and Policy Conservation Approved by Committee 05/31/2016
Club Membership Application Membership Development Form Current version 05/30/2016
Long Distance Trails Crew Rack Card Local Trail Committee Final by Author 04/11/2016
Trail Maintenance 101 charts Policy Council Presentation Draft 03/27/2016
NPS/ATC Asset Inventory Forms ATCC Form Current version 03/27/2016
Shawangunk Trail map Sponsorship Membership Development Draft 03/24/2016
Shawangunk Trail map Sponsorship- Map of New Paltz Membership Development Draft 03/24/2016
Spring 2016 Trail Walker Communications Marketing Trail Walker Current version 03/15/2016