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Winter 2016 Trail Walker
Board Functions
Sawyer and Swamper Intro Course
Trail Worker November 2011
NPS/ATC Asset Inventory Forms
Shawangunk Trail map Sponsorship
Shawangunk Trail map Sponsorship- Map of New Paltz
Spring 2016 Trail Walker
Web Liaison Report
Confidentiality Policy
Trail Standards
Bear Mountain Spring 2010 Newsletter
Darlington Schoolhouse Pledge Form
Volunteer Service Agreement (OPRHP)
Jersey Highlands Map
Volunteer Expense Form
Member & Community Survey Report, 2011
Draft Strategic Plan for State Forest Management
Editorial Review -- Hike Submission Checklist & Rubric
2010 Technology Committee Overview and Plan
Proposed 2011 Bylaws Revisions
Trail Walker Spring 2014
Trail Walker November/December 2011
AT - New York Agreement 2014
B&G Committee Charter
Audited Financial Statements 2011
Trail Crew Chief Summary Report Form
TC Comments on PSE&G Powerline through Delaware Water Gap and AT
Supervisor Summary
Trail Report: 2014 Look Back, 2015 Look Ahead
Web Training Intro to Content Editing
Tools for field checking a book
Trails Program
Guidelines for Blazing Trails
Authority Matrix
Results of Digital Map Survey
Member Group Insurance
Trailhead & Crossing Survey
Volunteer Information Form
NYNJTC Trail Regions Map - 2011
Yorktown Kiosk bill of materials 2006
ATC/NPS Boundary Paint MSDS
Trail Walker Winter 2015
Award Nomination Samples
Non-trail Volunteer Hours
Annual Report 2010
Annual Report 2009
Mountain Bike Policy passed by Board
Annual Report 2004
Volunteer Request Form
Trail Worker June 2011
Guide to large-scale publishing with Drupal
Board Biographies 2010-2011
Responsibilities of Board Members
Domain Name with Respect to E-mail Policy
Hike of the Week - Table of Contents
Strategic Framework and Goals
Press Policy
Shelter Caretaker Report Form
7 Peaks DEIS Comments
Web Policy 2003
Investment Policy
Youth Policy
Catskill Conservation Corps offers first training
2015 Fall Delegates Meeting: Attachement
Appalachian Trail Neighbors Brochure
Crew Worktrip report form
Audited Financial Statements 2010
Annual Report 2007-2008
Trail Worker June 2008
Trail Worker November 2012
Trail Walker Winter 2012
Elizabeth Levers Memorial Fund for Youth Projects
Trail Walker Spring 2012
Trail Walker Summer 2012
Conflict of Interest Policy
Trail Worker June 2013
Trail Walker Summer 2013
Form 990 Fiscal Year 2011
Form 990 Fiscal Year 2011 (Partial)
Form 990 Fiscal Year 2010
Sign in Yorktown Museum
Tax map of area from 1930
North County News, March 4-10, 1981
Photo of quarrymen
Grenci & Ellis advertising brochure
Interview with James Forbes
Publication and Membership Order Form
Trail Walker 2013.1 Winter
Bylaws 2011
Bylaws 2004
Gift Acceptance Policy
Nomination Committee Policy
Property Naming Policy
Trails Policy
Trails Policy 1994
Trails Policy 1997
Trails Policy 2001
Trails Policy 2005
Trail Walker 2012.4 Fall
Trail Walker 2012.1 Winter
Trail Walker 2012.2 Spring
Trail Walker 2012.3 Summer
Trail Walker 2011.6 Nov-Dec
Harriman Trail Bridges Post-Irene
Trail Update Preliminary
Trail Update Completion Report
Trail Management Diagram
NPS/ATC Capital Plans
Annual Report 2011
Summer 2016 Trail Walker
TC Cert Inc 1958
TC Cert Inc 1985
Bylaws 1995
Trail Worker June 2012
The Long Brown Path
Corridor Supervisor Report Form
Whistleblower Policy
Trail Walker 2013.2 Spring
Bylaws 2013
Trail Maintenance 101 charts
Sawyer and Swamper Policy
Darlington Pledge Form
Bolger Challenge Grant
Nominations for Board and Delegates at Large, 2011
The History of Stony Hill
Volunteering and Reporting
Phone Survey
Internet Survey
Safety and First Aid Training
Certified Sawyer List
Organization Diagram - Top Level
Conservation and Advocacy Policy
Harlem Valley Flyer and Map
Publication Policy
Trail Walker Fall 2013
Breakneck Ridge Trail Stewards
ISF Crew Position 2014
School back in session? Yes, for preservationists
Darlington Schoolhouse restoration to begin soon
Voting Member Meeting Policy
Lapsed Organization Member Policy
PCTA Volunteer Assistant
Trail Leadership Opinion Survey
Trail Walker Winter 2014
NJ Program Coordinator Job Description
Form 990 Fiscal Year 2012
Parental Consent Form
Audited Financial Statements 2012
Catskill Park State Land Management Plan Amendment-Big Indian
Governance Committee Charter
Policy Council Charter
Looking Back Looking Forward 2014
Trail Conference AmeriCorps Trail Crew Leaders and Members
Breakneck Ridge Trail Steward
DEC Volunteer Service Agreement
2014 Winter Meeting Business Agenda
2013 Fall Meeting Minutes
NYS Nonprofit Law
Trail Maintenance Manual
Volunteer Handbook
Implementing Strategic Plans
Persona Presentation
Trail Walker Summer 2014
Long Path End-to-End Tally Sheet
B&G Committee Mtg Minutes - 09-23-2015
Parking Pass for Ramapo Reservation
Procedures for Trail Approvals
Sample Maintainer's Report
Personal Incident Report
Hike Submission Form
Long Path Guide (text only)
B&G Committee Mtg Minutes 09-03-2015
B&G Committee Mtg Minutes - 09-15-2015
Club Membership Application
Federal Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Recreation Areas
Trail Walker Fall 2014
PDFMaps tabling flyer
Press Release Bolger Challenge
Procurement and Requisition Form
2014 Trail Conference Discovery Phase RFP
The 8th Annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investements Report (NTEN)
DEC PR, Partnership with Trail Conference for volunteer Catskill Conservation Corps
Accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas
Parking Pass for Fall 2014 Members and Friends Meeting
Trail Walker Fall 2012
Fall 2014 Business Meeting_Delegate Packet
Form 990 Fiscal Year 2012
Form 990 Fiscal Year 2013
Audited Financial Statements 2013
Donor management workbook from Ideaware and TechSoup.
Youth Program Application Form
GPS Data Collection Standards
Trail Maintenance Report
Corridor Monitor Report Form
ECBS Monument GPS Data
Finding William Morris in the Darlington Schoolhouse Project: Arts and Crafts Architecture, Historical Preservation and Ecosophy
Finding William Morris in the Darlington Schoolhouse Project: Arts and Crafts Architecture, Historical Preservation and Ecosophy
Finance/Operations Assistant 2015
2015 Winter Meeting Delegate Packet
Audit Committee Charter
Organization Structure Committee Charter
Spring 2015 Trail Walker
Membership and Development Associate 2015
You're Invited! Headquarters Ribbon Cutting at Darlington Schoolhouse
Steering Committee on Structure and Decision-Making Report
EMS Club Day Flyer
Trail Standard items for comment
DRAFT Dutchess/Putnam AT Local Management Plan 1999
Recommended Blaze Colors
Highlands Trail in New York: Goosepond South Map
B&G Committee Mtg Minutes - 10-06-2015
Classes of Users
Summer 2015 Trail Walker
ATC sustainability talk by Jeff Marion 2015
Bear Mountain Trails Project CFA grant
Audited Financial Statements 2014
Form 990 Fiscal Year 2014
IRS 501 (c) (3) document
Split Interest Charitable Giving Techniques
RTC intro presentation
2015 Fall Delegates Meeting: Attachement
Chainsaw fuel geysers
Fall 2105 Trail Walker
Hazard Trees
Bylaws 2015
Upper East Face Trail Building Spec
B&G Committee Mtg Minutes - 11-03-2015
HQ FMOP v1.0 - 11-05-2015
Headquarters Floor Plan -11/15/2015
Technology Committee Charter
Finance Committee Charter
Nominating Committee Charter
Draft Bridge Policy
LTC chair job draft
Program coordinator draft
Volunteer Coordinator draft
New Trail and Trail Rerouting Guidelines NY and NJ
2016 Website Implementation Phase RFP
Publications Wholesale Order Form
Membership and Development Committee Charter
Clone of Volunteer Service Agreement (OPRHP)
Conservation Committee Charter and Policy
Breakneck Trail Steward 2015 job description
Weekend Warrior Wanted for Reeves Meadow Visitor Center
ATC Trail Volunteer Safety Report
TC Logos
Trail Walker Ad Kit
Trail Chair Summary
Appalachian Trail Rare Plant Monitoring
Generic MOU for towns or non-profits
Trail layout and design terms and best practices
Minnewaska & Sam's Point Access Closures, Effective 4/30/16
AT NJ State Agreement (MOU) 2003
2016 ISF Data Collect
Sample box bridge and bill of materials
2016 ISF PH2 Data Sheet
ISF Data Combined PH1&2
Volunteer Time Record
Form 990 Fiscal Year 2015
Kittatinny Trails Map Set Sponsorship 2016
Trail Report 2015
ATC Visitor Use Management Policy Draft Oct. 2016
Fall 2016 Trail Walker
Facilities Management And Operations Guide