The Welch Trail Education Center is a beautiful, remote camp located in one of the old Girl Scout Camps in Harriman State Park. Visiting the camp is like stepping back in time to the olden days of rustic camps filled with children for the summer, escaping the city for the country. The WTEC is now used solely by the Trail Conference to house our AmeriCorps Members for up to 6 months and to host trainings and meetings throughout the season. In exchange for a rental fee we provide trail maintenance and camp upgrades. Our overall goal is to provide safer and more efficient lighting and electrical supply to the camp buildings.


Number of Openings: 3


  • Upgrade Outlets

  • Improve lighting in the bunkhouses

  • Possibly upgrade wiring

Skills and Qualifications

Electrician knowledge and expertise required. Licensed preferred. We are looking for a skilled electrician, so no training is provided. Having your own tools is recommended but some can be shared as needed. All supplies are expensed by the Trail Conference and need to be preapproved. Applicants must be 21 years or older.


Time Commitment

4-12 hours per project. Time can be broken up as needed to fit your schedule. Work is to be done in the "off" season (before May and after October).


Click here to apply for the Electrician position.