Recognition and Events Planner


We’re creating teams of volunteers that will each work on a particular project, program or problem.

Teams will work with staff on reviewing available data, current practices and materials relevant to their designated topic in order to identify possible changes. Together they will create new or improve existing procedures and resources while using transparent and open processes. These teams will be a key part of shaping the future of our volunteer programming.


The amazing work volunteers do should be met with equal amounts gratitude. We also know that you want more opportunities to meet other volunteers who share your passion.

Join the Recognition and Events Volunteer Action Team to plan events meant to bring volunteers together, implement new recognition programs, and help with the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event.

Some of the work will be done in-person when meeting with your team, most likely at the Trail Conference headquarters in Mahwah, NJ. Additional hours may be done remotely.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Passion for the Trail Conference mission
  • Desire to foster positive experiences for other volunteers
  • Positive and open attitude
  • Willingness to share ideas and be forward thinking
  • Ability to work with other

Apply to be on the Action Team here

Time Commitment: 
2-5+ hours per month
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