RTC Chair




The RTC Chair will lead the RTC in coordinating operational activities and issues within a specific geographic region and providing input with respect to policies and the annual plan and budget. A major responsibility is organizing and running meetings that enable volunteer leaders to gain insight and expertise on local operational issues. The chair will collaborate with the Regional Program Coordinator to match organizational goals and objectives with an annual plan that coordinates activities within the region. This position reports to the Executive Director through the Regional Program Coordinator.


  1. RTC Meetings

    1. Organize, lead, and facilitate scheduled Regional Trail Council meetings.

    2. Work in tandem with the Regional Program Coordinator to develop relevant and informative meeting agendas.

    3. Encourage meeting attendance and interaction among members (LTC Chairs, Crew Chiefs & Leaders, Supervisors, Program Committee representatives).

    4. Arrange meeting logistics (location, food, minutes, etc…), delegating as needed, and creating an environment that fosters interaction.

    5. Assure that meeting minutes are written and distributed and that follow-up activities are completed.

  2. Annual Reporting

    1. Assist Regional Program Coordinator with preparing the summary of regional accomplishments and challenges.

  3. Plan and Budget

    1. Organize annual RTC planning meetings to provide input on and consolidation of regional needs, opportunities, and priorities.

  4. Strategic Plan

    1. Provide input to  the organization’s strategic plan and help to implement it.

  5. Policy

    1. Facilitate the implementation of policies.

    2. Assist the RTC Policy Council representative in soliciting feedback and recommendations for draft policies under review.


This job description is approved on March 15, 2016 by the Organizational Structure Committee.

Time Commitment: 
10 hrs/week
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