Arthur Gardineer Honored for Volunteer Service

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Paul Leikin Extra Mile Award: Recognizes those volunteers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to projects such as a book, map or advocacy. This year the award was presented to:

Volunteer Arthur Gardineer (r) gets award from Trail Conference staffers Melissa Bean and Gary Willick.Arthur Gardineer, Congers, NY, dedicated office volunteer. Totaling Arthur’s volunteer hours requires an adding machine. He is a dedicated volunteer at EVERYTHING off-trail. Whatever mailing or shipment you may have received from us, Arthur probably packaged it and mailed it. Any event you’ve attended in the past five years, he was there to assist us.

Almost every afternoon of every weekday, Arthur arrives at the Trail Conference office ready to give his time to help anyone with absolutely anything they might need. He treats every assignment with utmost seriousness, and treats everyone he works with equally and with respect.

A methodical worker, Arthur is known to find and correct others’ mistakes, all while entertaining us with his encyclopedic knowledge of politics and geography. Arthur always goes the extra mile to offer his help, and often his lunch, to those working in the office. He has more than earned this award.

—Melissa Bean, Gary Willick, and Joanne Reinhardt, Trail Conference staff

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