Brian Sniatkowski Gets Hoeferlin Award

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William Hoeferlin Award recognizes Trail Conference volunteers who have demonstrated exemplary service to trail maintenance, management, and/or trail land protection. This year the award was presented to:

Brian Sniatkowski honored for trails service. Photo by Bob Jonas.Brian Sniatkowski, Kinnelon, NJ. As a Trail Conference volunteer for more than 17 years (he has been maintaining the Hoeferlin Memorial Trail in Ramapo Mountain State Forest since 1994) and Trail Supervisor of Ramapo Mountain State Forest for over 10 years, Brian has achieved an impressive list of accomplishments. In addition to ably supervising 35 miles of trails and 20 maintainers, he has unstintingly volunteered much more of his time to other trail activities throughout the North Jersey Trails area.

He has participated in blazing / reblazing more than 50 trail miles throughout the area, along with numerous trail relocations and repairs. Brian has participated significantly with North Jersey trail crews to help scout and build several new trails, including: Lake Sonoma, Overlook Rock, Monks Connector, and Hasenclever Iron Trails, as well as a major rebuild of the Hewitt-Butler Trail (North).

He can often be found on other trail crews, helping to build new trail bridges or clearing blowdowns such as on the Palisades or along the Appalachian Trail.

As a result of his personal dedication and his fine example to other volunteers, Brian has helped to make our beautiful trails and forests much more accessible and enjoyable. In recognition of his service, he was presented with the Hoeferlin Award.

–John Moran, Trails Chair North Jersey

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