Steve Klauck Gets Trails Award

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Paul Leikin Extra Mile Award: Recognizes those volunteers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to projects such as a book, map or advocacy. This year we presented the award to:

Steve Klauck, center in black, gave more than 350 hours to the A.T. boardwalk project in Pawling.Steve Klauck, Poughkeepsie, NY, with the Dutchess-Putnam A.T. since 1989, a key member of the team, as above. He has made over 50 trips to the site and put in more than 350 hours of work. Steve was honored for his service by the Trail Conference this year with the Paul Leikin Extra Mile Award. He was one of three boardwalk project members to receive the award. The others were Frank Dogil and Robert Haas.

Steve also has maintained a section of the Appalachian Trail at Nuclear Lake in Dutchess County since 1989.


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