Volunteer Off Trail

Off-Trail Opportunities

Make an impact and feel rewarded by volunteering for the NY-NJ Trail Conference off-trail! Examples of the types of off-trail roles held by volunteers are listed below.

If you see a role that interest you, or if you can't decide, then complete our Volunteer Interest Form and indicate the program areas that interest you most.  We will contact you with more information to help match you with the perfect volunteer opportunity!

For available opportunities, see Off-Trail Vacancies.


Office Assistant Help manage selected projects or provide general assistance.
Database Assistant
Perform data entry and assist with database maintenance.
Front Desk Support
Use your knowledge of trails to help out at our front desk.
Fulfillment Support Ship orders and help stock our books, maps and supplies.
Project Manager Manage a new project or enhance existing processes.
Archive Indexer Index our archives for selected program areas.


 Grant Writer
 Create and write grant proposals.      



Web Writer 
 Adopt a trail region and write about it.
Forum Moderators 
 Eliminate the SPAM and participate on a forum.
Advertising Manager 
 Manage our Trail Walker advertising program.
Marketing   Assist us in the marketing of our publications.
 Help edit our publications.
Proofreader   Read through our publications before print.
Outreach  Representative 
 Help spread the word about us.
Event Planner 
Apply your planning expertise to a special event.                 


Web Assistant  Maintain and develop parts of our web site.
Graphic Designer  Update or redesign our free trail brochures.
Cartography  Assistant  Help produce our digital maps; create Google Earth maps.
Take good-quality photographs of trail lands and trail workers; organize and index our photograph database.     


 NJ ATV Campaign Assistant  Assist with grassroots campaigns.
 Paralegal/Legal Administrator  Assist with real property tax work.
 Stewardship Organizer  Create and organize property field binders.
 Land Use Research Assistant  Compile data on NJ DEP, county and town policies and

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