AT Endangered Plant Monitor | Northern New Jersey area

Want to help preserve rare and endangered plant communities along the Appalachian Trail?

The Trail Conference is supporting the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and National Park Service in monitoring endangered plants along the AT, and we have an opening for a volunteer to be a part of this Natural Heritage Monitoring program in the upcoming growing season.

Each volunteer is assigned to check on a single species in a specific location and will probably only need to make one visit per year.

  • Volunteers should have good plant ID skills and preferably some background with plants (landscape designer, master gardener, botany training, etc.).
  • You need to be able to hike at least 4 miles, possibly over steep and uneven ground, to and from your monitoring location.
  • You need to be comfortable going off-trail to look for your assigned species.

You'll be asked for a brief description of your background and experience with plant identification.

Time Commitment: 
16 hours per year
Northern New Jersey area

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