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Want to help preserve rare and endangered plant communities along the Appalachian Trail?

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The Trail Conference is supporting the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and National Park Service in monitoring endangered plants along the AT, and we have an opening for a volunteer to be a part of this Natural Heritage Monitoring program in the upcoming growing season.

Each volunteer is assigned to check on a single species in a specific location and will probably only need to make one visit per year.

  • Volunteers should have good plant ID skills and preferably some background with plants (landscape designer, master gardener, botany training, etc.).
  • You need to be able to hike at least 4 miles, possibly over steep and uneven ground, to and from your monitoring location.
  • You need to be comfortable going off-trail to look for your assigned species.

You'll be asked for a brief description of your background and experience with plant identification.

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Friday, June 24, 2016
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Internal Use
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AT Natural Heritage Monitoring Program
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Stewardship Dir
Appalachian Trail
Linda Rohleder
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Trail Work
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41.30128, -74.59359

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