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Help protect the historic Darlington Schoolhouse. We are seeking a volunteer with an interest in historic preservation. The Trail Conference wants help developing a long-term post-construction maintenance plan for the Darlington Schoolhouse buildings and grounds.

Review existing maintenance plan and develop an updated, comprehensive plan that would ensure a stable future for the historic buildings and grounds that the Trail Conference is headquartered in. The plan would include details such as:
  • Schedules and checklists for inspections;
  • Forms for recording work, blank base plans and elevations to be filled in during inspections and upon completion of work;
  • A set of base-line photographs to be augmented over time;
  • Current lists of contractors for help with complex issues or in case of emergencies;
  • Written procedures for the appropriate care of specific materials, including housekeeping, routine care, and preventive measures;
  • Record-keeping sections for work completed, costs, warranty cards, sample paint colors, and other pertinent material.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Familiarity with historic preservation
  • Understanding of building systems
  • Experience with maintenance programs
  • Ability to work independently

Provided Training: An introduction to the goals of the project and the buildings and grounds will be provided. Training will be largely on-the-job, with staff available to answer any questions as they arise.

Location: Some of the work requires being on-site at the Trail Conference headquarters in Mahwah, NJ. Additional hours may be done in the office or remotely.


Contribute to the long-term care and stability of this historic building.

Time Commitment: 
2-5 hours per month
Tue, 04/14/2020

Volunteer Opportunity