Invasive Insect Trap Monitor |


Want to protect our natural forest communities? Help us "spot" a new forest pest threatening the region, the Spotted Lanternfly. We need a few volunteers to put up and check traps at local parks. 


The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive insect native to parts of Asia that enjoys munching on grapes, hops, and other fruit bearing plants, which poses a great threat to both our forests and local farmers! While they haven't been found in our region, infestations have been seen in neighboring Pennsylvania.

The training course offered will teach trap monitors about the ecological threat of invasive insects, how to identify Spotted Lanternfly, how to identify their host tree tree-of-heaven, how to put up the traps and trap check procedures.

Each volunteer will be assigned a general area to put traps and will be selecting their own individual sites for the traps. Monitors will check their trap(s) every two weeks throughout the summer. Volunteers will be provided with supplies needed. Easy and appropriate for kids!

Time Commitment: 
Trap check every 2 weeks for the season.
Sun, 03/24/2019

Volunteer Opportunity