Invasive Plant Surveyor | New York and New Jersey

Want to help restore the natural balance in our ecosystems? Do you value the habitat and welfare of wildlife?
Join the team of volunteers who identify and record locations of “problem plants” in our parks.


Invasive Plant Surveyors identify the location and extent of the most common invasive plants that disrupt the region's native ecosystem. The information obtained allows the Trail Conference to create maps showing the location and extent of specific invasives and thus With this information, it can be determined where invasives can be kept from spreading or where they can be removed. Once an assignment is completed, a surveyor can asked to be assigned another section or learn a second set of invasive species and move on to the Intermediate survey level! 



  • Take a one day training class to learn to identify targeted invasive plant species and how to use a GPS to map the extend and location of the invasive plants

  • Walk their assigned trail section by the end of the summer to identify and map the targeted invasive plants.  

  • Submit collected data


You'll learn how to identify several common invasive plants and contribute to protecting our natural areas.

Time Commitment: 
About 20 hours over the summer
New York and New Jersey

Volunteer Opportunity